Accelerate Bio and Digital Health Meetup™

September 13, 2017

Contributors from the blog attended the Accelerate Bio and Digital Health Meetup™ last week. It was great seeing everyone and learning more about two fledgling health care companies.  With all of the recent natural disasters across the world,  it is increasingly evident that how health care is accessed, distributed and stored is important.  Two Portland based startups, StoneStable and presented answers to some of these issues.
According to the World Health Organization, over 50% of all vaccines are wasted, frequently as a result of a lack of refrigeration. Research at Portland State University has led to StoneStable, a company developing preservation methods for vaccines that do not require refrigeration.  StoneStable will be shortly starting animal trials for their silica based biologic preservation compound. just closed an $8M financing round for AI-powered remote healthcare service using evidenced based care to improve care and lower costs. 
We can’t wait to see what startups appear at next month’s Meetup™!

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