What are Potential Investors Looking for from You?

Angel, Corporate, Venture Capital--what are potential investors looking for from you?  It all comes down to communication.

At OHSU’s 2017 Commercialization Conference, representatives from Par Equity, USA, Arch Venture Partners, Genesis Financial Solutions, Johnson & Johnson Innovation and VIR Biotechnology, Inc. spoke on what it takes to get them to invest in your company.

Beyond having a great idea, investors are looking for people they can work with for the long term.  Biotech investments do not have short returns on investment.  When an investor puts money in a biotech company, they are frequently looking at a 7-10 year relationship.  That is a long time to work with someone you dislike or distrust.  There is actually more money available for investing, but it is distributed amongst fewer funds.  You need to invest in the relationship with your investors as well as your technology.

Regardless of the stage of funding, investors are looking for:

(1)    Credibility
(2)    Fit with their portfolio
(3)    Humility
(4)    Good communication skills  

Along with being able to explain your idea, are you able to listen to the advice you are being given and actually answer the questions that are being asked?  Will you keep them in the loop during R&D, letting them know good and bad news as it happens and not just at scheduled meetings or reporting times? 

Are you listening? Many people have great ideas. The question is do you have the ability to hear theirs. 

Janina MaloneComment